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  • Trenching and excavating are sometimes unavoidable
  • We do work for homeowners, businesses, and government agencies
  • Our personnel are highly trained
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NBU Construction is a full-service Seattle trenching contractor, offering quality workmanship and unmatched customer care to contractors, government agencies, and residential property owners. We are the trenching contractor of choice for Seattle homeowners and project managers who value honest experience and professional dedication.

We realize that every trenching project has budgetary constraints and a deadline that must be met. Our goal with every trenching job we handle is to maintain a tight schedule and minimize environmental impact, while addressing financial considerations.

As our business has developed, our priorities have been focused on trenching and excavating jobs in the Seattle area. We’ve helped hundreds of Seattle businesses, homeowners, and government agencies meet all of their trenching demands. No job is small or too big, and our reputation in the Seattle area speaks for itself.

From our highly trained professional technicians and engineers, to our exhaustive list of modern trenching equipment and machinery, we developed our business with the unique needs of Seattle clients in mind. At the core of our business philosophy is our dedication to quality customer service, so you never have to worry about staying informed throughout the trenching process.

We offer a full spectrum of services directly related to trenching, so if you have questions contact us at (206) 601-9609 in the Seattle area. Schedule your own free inspection today with one of our experienced technicians, who will provide you with a detailed estimate of your Seattle trenching job upon its completion.

Trenching Explained

Trenching is a construction technique where we dig a hole that is typically not very wide, but often quite long and deep. Trenching is commonly used for a variety of reasons, including the installation of underground pipes, sprinkler systems, plumbing, wires, structural supports, and electrical conduit, just to name a handful.

Experience and skill are required for proper trenching, and safety is always paramount. A wide variety of machines are used for trenching, but the choice depends largely on the specific application. We commonly use both mini-excavators and trenchers on our Seattle jobsites.

Excavation also falls under the umbrella of the trenching services we offer in Seattle. Excavation may be necessary for everything from digging a hole for a swimming pool to installing an underground fuel tank.

Seattle Trenching Contractor

The Advantages of Trenching in Seattle

Excavation and trenching are techniques that have been utilized in construction for many years. While more modern methods for underground pipe and conduit installation may often be advantageous, there are many situations where trenching is still the best option.

These are some common advantages to trenching:

  • It can save you money — If piping is going to be installed under non-paved areas like an open lot, trenching may be the most cost-effective procedure.
  • It may be necessary for repairs — If you’ve suffered a total pipe collapse, or have a leak in an underground line, it will be necessary to expose the pipe before it can be repaired or replaced. Trenching is often the best way to address these situations, and once the pipe is fixed the entire area can be backfilled and re-landscaped.

While trenchless methods require far less excavation, sometimes there is no substitute for the tried-and-true method of trenching.

NBU Construction is a Seattle Trenching Company that You Can Trust

From first-time Seattle homeowners to large businesses, we address every trenching job with the same professional courtesy and zeal. Throughout your Seattle trenching job, we will ensure that our workmanship exceeds your expectations, while staying on budget.

Our reputation as the trenching contractor of choice was earned by adhering to our core principles of hard work, professionalism, and honesty. It’s also why the majority of our trenching business comes from recommendations and referrals by Seattle residents and business owners just like you.

We hire the most qualified engineers and technicians, make sure that they are extensively trained, and provide them with state-of-the-art equipment that can handle any trenching job in Seattle, regardless of the difficulty.

One of Our Seattle Trenching Contractors Can Provide You with a Free Estimate

Contact our office at (206) 601-9609 for a free detailed estimate, or if you have any questions about trenching in Seattle.

Every person on our Seattle trenching contractor team understands that your situation is unique, requiring personalized care and unwavering attention. Throughout the repair timeline, we will inform you of every project detail, until it reaches completion.

We have been serving business and homeowners in the Seattle area for countless years, so let us handle your trenching job so you can rest assured it will be done right the first time.

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