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Seattle Sewer Repair

We Offer Seattle Water Pipe and Sewer Line Repair

  • Your sewer repairs don’t require the destruction of your landscape or driveway
  • We offer non-invasive techniques for line and water pipe repair
  • NBU Construction is Seattle’s directional drilling industry leader
  • Most repairs can be finished quicker than you likely expect


When it comes to water line and sewer repair, Seattle has some unique issues. So when it comes to the repair or replacement of your pipes, experience makes all the difference. Most people think a Seattle sewer repair is going to be a lengthy and costly process that will necessitate the destruction of much of their landscaping. However, modern technologies can take much of the headache and cost out of a water pipe or Seattle sewer line repair.

At NBU Construction, we work directly with businesses, homeowners, and government agencies to quickly address sewer and water pipe problems, and get the repair work done fast. We offer trenchless pipe and sewer repair, and more traditional trenching repair methods, which means that there is little we haven’t come across many times in the past.

Our expert technicians respond to every inquiry without delay, and will work diligently on the job until it’s complete. Whether you’ve suffered a sewer pipe break or a water pipe break, you need immediate attention from professionals that will get your pipes working as quickly as possible.

Do you have questions about our pipe repair or Seattle sewer line repair services? Are you currently experiencing an emergency situation? If so, call us at (206) 601-9609 for help and assistance. When you work with our experienced NBU Construction technicians, we supply you with a cost-free inspection and a detailed outline of your various options. This allows you to make an informed choice concerning the repair that most suits your circumstances and budget.

Seattle Sewer Line Repair

Sewer Repair Explained in Further Detail

Our specialty is trenchless repair, and we favor these techniques because it rectifies the problem while mitigating the damages caused by more traditional techniques like trenching. Instead of digging trenches across your lawn, modern methods like pipe bursting allow us to leave the vast majority of your landscape intact, including driveways, sidewalks, and other important features.

Many Seattle homes are old, and were built when it was common to use concrete pipes for sewer lines. If you’ve ever seen the effect that a steadily dripping gutter can have on concrete, then you understand that it’s no match for the encroachment of roots from a growing tree.

Eventually your sewer line gets blocked by the invasive root causing it to back up, and no amount of snaking can remedy the problem. When we insert a remote camera into the pipe, we usually find that it is no longer able to drain an adequate amount of waste because of the blockage, thus necessitating a Seattle sewer repair.

We may use a variety of methods to fix the problem, depending upon the circumstances. Some of our methods are below:

  • Pipe Bursting Technique — This is a trenchless repair method for Seattle sewer repair that allows us to entirely replace the existing sewer line. An expanding drill-like head rotates and “bursts” the old pipe into tiny fragments while a new pipe is dragged into its place. This modern process also makes it possible to insert a sewer line that is larger in diameter than the line being removed.
  • Pipe Lining Technique — Pipe lining introduces an epoxy-like polymer liner into your sewer pipe, which then molds onto and adheres to its interior surface. This plugs the holes in the pipe while preventing future root invasion.
  • Horizontal Drilling Technique — In a situation where a pipe can’t be repaired, horizontal drilling allows for a new pipe to be installed alongside the old one, with almost no effect on your landscape. Two smaller holes are dug on either end of the existing sewer line, and the new pipe is inserted using our state-of-the-art equipment.

Choose NBU Construction for All of Your Water Pipe & Seattle Sewer Line Repair Needs

When your sewer stops draining or the water stops running, it’s time to call a professional. Why not contact Seattle’s sewer and water line repair industry leader and get the job done right?

With countless years servicing businesses and homes in the Seattle area, we understand the unique problems that plague this region better than anyone. We maintain our core principles on every repair:

  • Strive to Save Our Client’s Money
  • Find the Best and Most Efficient Method of Repair
  • Respond Quickly and On Time
  • Get the Job Done When We Say it’s Going to Be Done
  • Provide You with Personalized Attention

If you’re in need of a water pipe or Seattle sewer repair, please call us at (206) 601-9609. We vow to have your problem fixed in a timely manner, and at the lowest possible price.

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