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Seattle Horizontal Drilling

Our Seattle Horizontal Drilling Company is The Local Industry Leader

  • Horizontal drilling is non-invasive
  • It causes little to no environment impact
  • We work directly with companies, homeowners, and government agencies
  • We are the Seattle horizontal drilling industry leaders


NBU Construction is a full-service Seattle horizontal drilling company, providing quality workmanship and friendly customer care to contractors, government agencies, and residential clients. We are at the forefront of the Seattle horizontal directional drilling industry because our reputation was firmly established through countless years of quality workmanship.

Seattle horizontal directional drilling allows for greater flexibility and control, so that we can streamline your project schedule. It is also advantageous if you’re seeking a safe and environmentally friendly method to create pipelines with minimal disturbance to surfaces like landscaping and driveways. Our drilling methods allow us to mitigate most negative impacts that accompany more invasive traditional techniques. Indeed, it has never been easier to preserve wetlands and other sensitive environments.

For the business or homeowner with an existing structure, horizontal drilling eliminates the need for trench digging, which will not only prevent unsightly eyesores on the worksite, but can also save you a considerable amount of money in the long run.

Because we specialize in trenchless technologies and techniques, our experienced professionals at NBU Construction offer a long list of comprehensive services perfectly suited to the Seattle area. Would you like more information about horizontal drilling? If so, then contact us today at (206) 601-9609, and schedule an all-inclusive inspection with one of our dedicated technicians.

When your cost-free inspection is complete, we will provide you with a detailed expense estimate that outlines every aspect of your Seattle horizontal directional drilling project in minute detail.

Horizontal Drilling Explained

Horizontal drilling is a process whereby the need to dig across an expanse of surface soil is eliminated by making it possible to drill in a horizontal direction. Before this technology was invented, the only option for installing a pipe was to rip apart the landscape with heavy machinery and expensive manpower. This process could take weeks, or even months.

Directional horizontal drilling revolutionized the pipe installation and replacement process because it is far less invasive, especially in regards to the environment.

Throughout the horizontal drilling process, the drill head is monitored by the operator in order to keep it in line with a specified path. The diameter of the hole can be enlarged after the initial hole is finished, into which seamless piping can then be inserted.

Technological advancements in both techniques and equipment make it possible to control the angle of a horizontal drilling bit with precision accuracy. At NBU Construction, we remain on the cutting-edge of these technological advancements in order to offer increased efficiency and lower costs to our valued customers.

Seattle Horizontal Directional Drilling

Are There Advantages to Horizontal Drilling?

As the leading Seattle horizontal drilling company, we repeatedly witness how advantageous this technique can be under certain circumstances. This brief list outlines some of the advantages that horizontal drilling may offer to your particular project:

  • Quicker Installation — By eliminating the need to dig long and unwieldy trenches, many projects can be completed much faster than most clients realize.
  • Lower Cost of Installation — A smaller crew will significantly lower the costs of the overall project, by reducing labor expenses.
  • Overall Flexibility — Landscaping, terrain, and other geographical features are no longer considered to be insurmountable obstacles, because of horizontal drilling’s power and flexibility. This means that bringing your ideas to life is now more viable than ever.
  • Minimized Soil Contamination — Because seamless piping is often used in tandem with Seattle horizontal directional drilling, soil contamination is virtually nonexistent.
  • Maintains the Integrity of the Environment — Disrupting an established environment can have negative consequences that go far beyond mere appearance and cost. Horizontal drilling allows us to preserve the surrounding environment in its unspoiled state without being forced to compromise your concepts or spend a lot of money on mitigation.

Trust NBU Construction with All of Your Horizontal Drilling Needs

Whether we’re working for a homeowner, contractor, or government agency, we always make it a point to adhere to our core business principles:

  • Always Stay on Schedule
  • Keep Costs to a Minimum and Within Budget
  • Maintain the Highest Standards in Workmanship

Our professionally trained team utilizes our state-of-the-art equipment to complete every drilling job with as little hassle as possible. We are eager to put our unmatched experience to work for you, so don’t hesitate to call us today.

Over the years, we developed our reputation by adhering to these core principles, which is why we’ve grown via recommendations andreferrals from trusted clients.

Obtain Your Own Free Estimate from our Drilling Experts

If you have questions about horizontal drilling or you would like your own free estimate, contact our office at (206) 601-9609. We understand that your situation is unique, and requires personalized care and attention to your specific needs.

We are proud to serve Seattle and the surrounding region.

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