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Seattle Directional Drilling

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  • Directional drilling comprises many varied methods and technologies
  • It is beneficial for the environment and the people that live within it
  • We only use the most modern, technologically advanced equipment
  • Every member of our staff is highly trained

Seattle directional drilling

NBU Construction is a full-service Seattle directional drilling company offering reliable service and quality workmanship to government agencies, contractors, and residential homeowners. We’ve been the directional drilling leaders of Seattle for countless years, and we are eager to put our experience and professionalism to work for you.

Our Seattle directional drilling services include:

  • Straight Hole Drilling
  • Conventional Displacement
  • Horizontal Drilling
  • Multilateral Drilling
  • Under-Balance Applications
  • Reentries
  • Open Hole Side Tracks

By specializing in trenchless technology to meet the emergency repair and replacement needs of our clients, the experts at NBU Construction offer a service that is unique to Seattle. Simply call our office at (206) 601-9609 to contact one of our technicians, or to schedule a comprehensive cost-free inspection.

After your inspection is complete, we will provide you with a detailed cost and labor estimate covering every aspect of your job in full.

Directional Drilling Explained

Directional drilling is defined as the “intentional deflection of a wellbore in a specified direction underground, which is designed to reach a predetermined objective.” Directional drilling makes it possible to drill wells at multiple angles, instead of just vertically, allowing multiple wells to spring from the same vertical well bore. This process significantly minimizes the wells’ overall environmental impact.

Techniques have advanced significantly over the years, as new technologies opened a gateway to vast improvements in equipment, and more efficient and reliable techniques. Today, we can control the angle of a drill bit with pinpoint accuracy, with help from computer-driven technological advancements that operate in real time.

By remaining at the forefront of technological leaps within our industry, the professionals at NBU Construction can provide you with ingenious solutions unique to Seattle’s directional drilling challenges. In other words, we increase efficiency while lowering costs.

Seattle Directional Drilling Company

More Information

Straight Hole Drilling is often used to stay within the design parameters of a drilling contract, and/or the well spacing requirements of a developed field.

Horizontal Drilling is necessary when the well is turned horizontally at a specified depth, which is a problem that may arise for a variety of reasons.

Multilateral Drilling makes it possible to create wells with multiple branches, targeting a widely spaced area. These offshoot wells may also branch out from the main well to access reserves at different depths, creating a dramatic increase in production. This technique also lowers the total number of surface wells that must be drilled.

Underbalanced Drilling has several potential advantages over conventional drilling. These include the elimination of formation damage and a higher rate of penetration, all while reducing lost circulation. Increased penetration also means that rock can be cut through at a faster rate.

NBU Construction is the Most Trusted Seattle Directional Drilling Company

Whether we do work for a government agency, homeowner, or contractor, we always provide our clients with quality workmanship while staying on schedule and keeping expenses to a minimum. Every member of our highly trained team of engineers and technicians are fully equipped to use our state-of-the-art inventory of equipment to its full potential. Indeed, we have the tools and real Seattle experience to design and complete any job no matter how challenging or difficult.

Our many years of serving the Seattle area has provided us with a firm grasp on the unique challenges of drilling in our distinctive northwest location. There is virtually no type of terrain that our powerful equipment can’t overcome, and we are available to conquer a project at any place, and at any time.

Our modern heavy machinery is capable of drilling through any substrate or surface material, including roadways, rock, under streams and rivers, steep terrain, and anywhere else.

Our reputation precedes us, and it was built via satisfied Seattle customers that keep us thriving with recommendations and referrals. Only excellent customer care and attention to detail will earn you a stellar reputation, and we will bring this same commitment to excellence when we tackle your most difficult directional drilling job.

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There is far more to directional drilling than it’s possible to cover on this page alone. Every job our directional drilling company encounters is unique, requiring specialized care and attention, and we are sure that yours is no different. If you would like more information about our drilling services, talk to one of our experienced technicians by calling (206) 601-9609.

We are proud to serve the good people of Seattle, and after thoroughly inspecting your jobsite we will provide you with a detailed estimate. By carefully considering your personal needs, we are confident that we can create a design and work-plan that will meet your budgetary requirements.

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